Ethics                       Trust                       Confidence

AMPI members are dedicated to the highest level of ethics and professionalism. Each year AMPI members must sign a pledge agreeing to operate by the AMPI Code of Ethics. (Similar to those of other national real estate associations). Disputes with an AMPI member can be resolved through its Committee of Honor and Justice which functions on both local and national levels. Just as in your own country, do not gamble by using someone not a member of their national real estate association.

Locally over 100 agents are qualified enough to wear the AMPI logo. These AMPI members represent 14 Real Estate sales companies. In Rocky Point, agents wanting to maintain good standings in this astute organization have a different three hour class every month available to them.

Only credible professionals with continual AMPI approved educational courses can maintain membership of this organization. It is this proactive entity that will take the real estate industry into the future.

The timing could not be better for the positive development of a town that is expected to be one of the hottest resort communities in this hemisphere. Economists from Mexico City have projected our growth explosion to continue for years to come. These expectations are based partially on the fact that we have experienced such astounding progress on drive in traffic alone. The international audience is just starting to look our way with the official announcement of the approval of the Puerto Peñasco Airport, the Coastal highway to be completed in the very near future, connecting us to California, and the Nautical ladder which will encourage more oceanic tourism like small cruise ships.

Rocky Point has seen a housing boom rarely seen before anywhere in the world. Ten years ago there were no condo projects with more than 100 units.

In 2000 there was only one project of any large scale. This changed in 2001. Now Sandy beach alone has over 1,600 condos sold, and over 30 condo towers are in some stage of vertical development.

 is the National Mexican Association of Professional Realtors. It is the ONLY Association in Mexico which is affiliated with NAR (The American Association of Realtors), and the only realty association where the consumer is protected by PROFECO (Consumer Protection Agency)

What does AMPI  do for you, the consumer?

AMPI  serves the public by improving education and raising the level of professionalism among it's member-realtors.

Members must continuously update code of conduct and ethics training guaranteeing the consumer better service.

In a country where real estate is still handled by anyone and everyone, the public's confusion is understandable when it comes to where to turn for professional real estate help. Here there are tens if not hundreds of organizations, which attempt to fill the void. But in Mexico there is only one national organization, which can claim to be the One and Only that has the following credentials:

1. National representation at every level in every State. This means better service and more exposure to the consumer and his/her product.

2. Recognition by the various levels of government. This means more knowledge with the laws and any revisions there to.

3. Recognition with a formal treaty with PROFECO, the National Consumer Protection Agency. Misunderstandings and conflicts may happen, so it is comforting to know that you are protected by the agency whose sole purpose is protecting you, the consumer. All AMPI members are bound by the PROFECO rules.

4. Has fifty years in existence, which translates into more experience and knowledge of the local laws and market.

5. Recognition by a mutual treaty with NAR, the National Association of Realtors of America.

6. Offering training courses of International caliber. In a world that is getting more global, dealing with qualified realtors is more and more important to avoid problems.

***The Remax/Legacy team of professionals are proud members of the Mexican Real Estate Association of AMPI...and we look forward to representing you with the utmost of integrity and highest standards of service.